Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Herniated Disc Follow-Up and Dr. Ron Daulton, Jr.

I thought perhaps I should say a few things since over the year I have gotten several emails asking about the Ron Daulton, Jr. experience. Some actually wishing me to give them some type of preview about the program's contents and whether it was worth it etc. Given this creates issues over disclosure and copyright here's a couple of facts stated outright:

1- I don't know for certain if it's effective because I didn't end up following the program. I have not received any follow-up emails from anyone indicating they did and it worked or didn't work. So you have to make your own judgement about what that means.

2- The program has since increased in money to $100 (according to what I've heard)

3- Some people have had some negative customer service experiences. A few have comments here.

4- The charge for this type of program may be a tad high. But considering some of the aggressive alternatives $100 for non-surgical seems to me a risk you should be willing to burden. How often have you bought a product that didn't work? Non surgical options via the Internet -- via some book or program always cost something. I wish there was some resource to review all of them but unfortunately there isn't. Money back guarantees for products that can be copied redistributed and potentially resold are inherently difficult.

5- My cure was most likely the epidural and maybe cooling it with stressing activities (all types). It could've been also that this was a specific injury that got out of hand.

6- There is not a direct absolute causal relationship between arm pain, swelling and herniated disc in my opinion. There is only a likely association with them based on the physics and probably other factors. I was diagnosed with cervical herniated disc way prior to pain. How can that be. The physical process of the pain mechanism is very subtle. People that have herniation but no pain are not likely to get an MRI- they don't know they have it. There is also the possibility of trigger points and not disc or both. There are also theories that triggers and herniation are linked in some way.

7- Consider the Daulton book a resource. It lists as many of the available treatments within as possible. It doesn't say that any one thing does the trick. Only that you should throw as much at the problem as possible.

8- There are a few (to my knowledge)unique suggestions within the book that have to do with certain supplements/medicines, specific use of ice (not heat), a trampoline and a medicine ball. Again whether this is worth the price is entirely up to you. Please also note that some of these exercises may carry more risk depending on where you have herniation (cervical vs. lumbar)

9- There is cross-selling in the purchase process. I for one don't care for it

10- The failure rate for surgical options quoted by Daulton is not entirely based on medical documents that I have seen available. I asked Daulton about this and didn't get what I felt was a satisfactory answer (based on some journals that he's read that I don't have access to. date unknown). However it should be acknowledged that even with available evidence "success" is not clearly defined - (e.g. how long the benefit lasted, whether follow-ups surgeries happened). Based on anecdotal evidence from people that have written me, there does appear to be long term benefits from surgery for some.

11- The cervical disc removal surgical process is life changing and frightening. This involves losing flexibility and putting a bone graft in your neck and potential further complications. Only consider this when there is no alternative after unsuccessful treatment over at least a year. In my view the body can heal miraculously provided you have the luxury of keeping an income and taking an extended leave where you can stop causing injury to yourself.

12- An epidural apparently has disc resorption possibilities for some patients. This is not widely quoted. This essentially means that the herniation can draw back in somewhat and thereby not cause the "button pressing" on the nerve. I cannot prove that this happened because I didn't immediately have benefit, just eventually. Plus I stopped playing piano and made some ergonomic adjustments at work.

13- An epidural (according to the physician performing) does carry a risk of mental side effects. I had some but was taking Ambien as well which has known adverse psychological reactions for some. So I can't know for sure.

14- Similar to point 1. The lack of corroborating evidence outside of Daulton, Jr's site testimonials after all this time should cast a certain degree of doubt - just logically. Anybody who gets something out of a product- these days - can always be found quoting somewhere on message boards free of charge. My page is still consistently ranked high on Google search results and the original posting was some time ago. I haven't seen too many others outside of Daulton's own links.

15- Some people dismiss Daulton's authority on this subject due to his being a chiropractor not a physician or surgeon. Aside from the Alan/Charlie Harper "crock" hilarity of the condemnation, I think doctors have a diffucult road to hoe claiming complete authority on this issue as well. There is NO definitive medically sanctioned cure, only treatment plans that have some measure of success - or not- depending on the circumstance. Also keep in mind that some of the advice mentioned - for free on his page and in more detail in the books are part of many doctors' regimen of recommendations. Many doctors typically prescribe physical therapy and many don't discount chiropractic or accupuncture as a supplement to pre-surgical measures. Surgery is considered last resort because of the "no turning back aspect" of disc removal or replacement.

16- Dr. Daulton's book does not describe any "magic bullet" cure. This is a reiteration of point 7


  1. I recently challenge Ron Daulton to put his money where his mouth is and I will put 10 to 20 people through his protocols. Daulton claims an 86% success rate and an 84% failure rate for surgery. I think that the FTC needs to hear about that.

    The internet is full of spine scams mostly from MDs but chiropractors are also in on the act with dishonest claims about non surgical spinal decompression.

    I am working with law enforcement to put these flimflam artists in jail and I have had some success.

  2. So, Dr. Ron Daulton System actually works?